Dicas de Leituras – Smart Cities, Big Data e Internet das Coisas


How data can save a city
A Rutkin – New Scientist, 2014

… The dream of a smart city is alluring, says Michael Flowers, former Chief Analytics
Officer for New York City, but he says a poorly executed algorithm could have disastrous effects. Imagine if a faulty model is used to decide who …

Smart cities drivers and ICT: in search of relationships
F Bifulco – Proceedings in EIIC-The 3rd Electronic International …, 2014

… of these models supports the smartization process in cities, aiming at overcome the latest urban problems and find a resolution to citizens’ issues thanks to the rising of initiatives concerning one or more so called drivers, namely specific smart city characteristics or dimensions.

Re-imagining Cities
Stefaan G. Verhulst and Julia Root

The Internet has changed virtually every aspect of our lives. One of the last bastions appears to be the city…

Street level observations in an era of big data
Manu Fernández

The promise of gathering the whole spectrum of information traces of city life and managing this amount of data dominates the new utopian views. This pursuit for a complete understanding of what happens in cities takes the form of a seductive approach to urban design and urban governance, and tries to take advantage of ubiquitous computing and situated technologies. Thus, the intersection of code and space emerges as a deterministic paradigm.


Big Data Opportunities and Challenges: Discussions from Data Analytics Perspectives [Discussion Forum]

Z Zhou, N Chawla, Y Jin, G Williams – Computational Intelligence Magazine, IEEE, 2014

Extreme Big Data (EBD): Next Generation Big Data Infrastructure Technologies Towards Yottabyte/Year
S Matsuoka, H Sato, O Tatebe, M Koibuchi, I Fujiwara… – … frontiers and innovations, 2014

Our claim is that so-called“Big Data”will evolve into a new era with proliferation of
data from multiple sources such as massive numbers of sensors whose resolution is
increasing exponentially, high-resolution simulations generating huge data results, as…

PML Fragoso, JCS Salinas, JM Bustos, S Fraustro… – 2014

En este documento se describen algunos instrumentos que se han utilizado recientemente sobre el uso productivo de la información de fuentes no convencionales y también de las redes sociales en el sector turismo.

Traffic information computing platform for big data
Z Duan, Y Li, X Zheng, Y Liu, J Dai, J Kang – INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF …, 2014

Big data environment create data conditions for improving the quality of traffic information service. The target of this article is to construct a traffic information computing platform for big data environment.

Data-driven geography
HJ Miller, MF Goodchild – GeoJournal, 2014

… research has shifted from a data-scarce to a data-rich environment, in which the most fundamental changes are not just the volume of data, but the variety and the velocity at which we can capture georeferenced data; trends often associated with the concept of Big Data. …

From Data-Poor to Data-Rich System Dynamics in the Era of Big Data
E Pruyt – 2014

Although SD modeling is sometimes called theory-rich data-poor modeling, it does not mean SD modeling should per definition be data-poor. SD software packages allow one to get data from, and write simulation runs to, databases. Moreover, data is also…


The Internet of Things vision: Key Features, Applications and Open Issues
E Borgia – Computer Communications, 2014

… Indeed, a smart city is a city that operates simultaneously on two levels: one physical and one virtual. The smart city provides a management of its services (eg, transport, energy, lighting, waste management, entertainment) through the widespread usage of ICT technologies.

Internet of Things in the Cloud
P Wright, A Manieri

The digital convergence of IT, Network and Content produced during the last years
has created a new landscape for the definition and delivery of ICT services to citizens. The massive introduction of hypervisors and virtualisation techniques has allowed the (self-technologies coming from different approaches. Ubiquitous computing, pervasive
computing, Internet Protocol, sensing technologies, communication technologies, and …

Design & Implementation of Real-Time Broadcast System of Urban Public Transport Crowding Index Based on the Internet of Things
SJ Zhang, SY Chen – Advanced Materials Research, 2014

Real-time broadcast system of public transport crowding index belongs to the broadcast system of urban public transport environment in ITS. The remaining seats and vehicle weight of the bus can effectively reflect the current crowding of public transport. This paper proposes a real…

Design of Digital Teaching Platform of the Internet of Things
BW Huang, JY Li – Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014

Design of digital teaching platform of the Internet of Things (IOT) is to solve the
technical problem about how to provide all-digital, high-simulation and feature-rich digital teaching platform of IOT. This design includes the operating terminal, the master node of …

The Internet of Beasty Things: Challenges in Embedded Systems
AR Sadeghi – 2015 AAAS Annual Meeting (12-16 February 2015), 2015

They can be found everywhere, in sensors, wearables, smartphones and tablets, medical devices, vehicles, and critical infrastructures. Moreover, recent industrial trends and initiatives aim to “connect the unconnected”: from the Internet of Things to the Industrial Internet. …

Securing the Internet of Things: A ZKP-based Approach
P Flood

Over the past few years, the Internet of Things has made significant steps towards
becoming a reality. Until now, this has been largely the widespread usage of smartphones
and tablets but further technological advancements are required before it can truly reach…