Mídia Locativa, ANT e Internet das Coisas

Interessante post do blog Masters of Media sobre o tema de muitas pesquisas do GPC: mídia locativa, internet das coisas e teoria ator-rede. Vejam mais aqui.


“But one cannot talk about locative media without having one particular name come to mind: Bruno Latour, French philosopher and anthropologist, whose key works relating to actor-network theory (ANT) and the object turn have been at the basis of understanding and analyzing locative media. As in any discussion relating to Latour and locative media, the first step is to understand what the actor-network theory is. Developed by Bruno Latour, Michel Callon, John Law, and others, ANT refers to the relationship between things and ideas and how these apparatuses that surround us possess a sort of agency and are part of a larger network in which we also find ourselves. A key to understanding ANT is that relations within networks can be simultaneously material and semiotic, and these relations work together as a whole in order to form the network as a whole and cannot be considered as being inconsequential to or separate from it. “Things” are controversial assemblages of entangled issues, and not simply objects sitting apart from our political passions. The entanglements of things and politics engage activists, artists, politicians, and intellectuals.” (Latour in Tuters and Varnelis 2006: 362).”