Links da Semana #25

Google and the flu: how big data will help us make gigantic mistakes
“As Google’s attempt to predict the spread of flu by using search terms shows, lots of data can cause plenty of confusion. Google’s use of search terms to predict the spread of flu led to massive overestimates”
Google Glass – Wearable tech but would you wear it?
“Rumoured to be launching later this year, the Silicon Valley giant’s headset is exciting early-adopters, but what about the rest of us? Will it compromise our privacy? What will happen to the data it collects? And does it look a bit, like, lame?”
No-one wants top-down, technology-driven cities. They’d be dumb, not smart.
“But “bottom up” is not enough; in order to succeed at scale, grass-roots innovation and localism need support from a new environment of policy, finance, infrastructure and technology”
“Let’s hope Rio rather than Songdo or Masdar is the inspiration for the urbanists gathering in London this week”
“The “smart city” is an extension of the long-held understanding that cities fundamentally operate as systems, with interlocking parts and repercussions that can resound widely”